La société VAN-IT.Alsace Sarl is registered with the MULHOUSE RCS under the number 000,000,000, whose head office is 25 rue de la hardt 68950 REININGUE – FRANCE, which publishes the websites These general rental conditions apply exclusively between van-IT.Alsace SARL ('VAN-IT.Alsace") and anyone who has made a vehicle reservation (hereafter the "Locataire").

Article 2 – Lease – Making available

A lease agreement will be established between the Tenant and VAN-IT.Alsace on the day of the vehicle's pick-up. The vehicle comes in good working condition with normal accessories. He is initially the subject of a state of affairs and will have to be returned in the same condition as when he left. Otherwise the Tenant will have to pay a sum corresponding to the rehabilitation costs. The Tenant is fully responsible for the vehicle as soon as the vehicle is taken over. The rental is personal and non-transferable. The 2 and 4-seater vehicles are rented with a 300 km per day package or with a specific kilometre plan for 3-day rentals of 1500 km. The 8 and 9-seat vehicles are rented with a monthly pass of 6000 km. Any excess of the kilometre plan will result in a fee of 0.35 euros per additional km.

Article 3 – Terms of lease

3.1 Territory-related conditions

The vehicle can only operate in the countries listed below: Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Czech Republic, Austria. In case of non-compliance with this territory, the Tenant will not be entitled to the benefit of the insurance and will be fully responsible for any damage, loss or theft. The vehicle must be rendered in good hygienic conditions: the interior and exterior of the vehicle must be clean. If this is not the case, the Tenant will have to pay a lump sum of 60 euros TTC for the cleaning. The Tenant will be required to return the vehicle at normal opening hours and at the agreed time on the lease agreement. Otherwise the vehicle will remain under the full responsibility of the Tenant until the time of reopening of VAN-IT.Alsace. It is understood that only the taking of possession of the vehicle, the handing over of the keys and the documents of the vehicle can put an end to the rental contract.

3.2 Basic Rules for Renting a Vehicle

Renting a vehicle means complying with VAN-IT's general rental conditions.Alsace. However, it is important to remember that: The Tenant must use the vehicle as a "good family man" and in particular, without being in a state of excessive fatigue, under ethyl or narcotic influence or any other substance that may affect driving in accordance with the provisions of the Highway Traffic Act. The tenant therefore undertakes to make prudent and normal use o
f the vehicle;- The Tenant shall only allow the vehicle to be driven by drivers expressly authorized in the rental contract, on the lanes specific to automobile traffic, without participation in competitions, rallies or any other competition of any kind, as well as in tests or preparations , nor to give drivin
g lessons;- The Tenant undertakes not to use the vehicle for illegal or other purposes as intended by the manufacturer, not to overload the rented vehicle by carrying a greater number of passengers than indicated on the vehicle's grey card, or to use the vehicle for the paid transport of passengers , not to carry goods or objects prohibited by the law in the country or countries where the vehicle is travelling during the rental, not to carry luggage on the roof of the vehicle; not tow anything on the hitch. The Tenant undertakes to keep the vehicle closed and locked, parked in a safe place when it is not in use, and to keep the vehicle keys in a safe place, to use the appropriate type of fuel, to check the level of oil and other liquids, to make the necessary upgrades if necessary, to monitor the temperature lights and to apply the pressure of the tyres; not to hide or remove VAN-IT identification items.Alsace.

In case of non-compliance with these conditions, the Tenant will not be entitled to the benefit of the insurance and will be fully responsible for any damage caused to the vehicle. He will then have to supplement the amount of repairs by any means if the amount of the fee is greater than the amount of the deposit.

3.3 Fuel costs

The vehicle is handed over to the Tenant with full fuel. The Tenant will have to return the vehicle with full fuel. Otherwise, it will be charged 2 euros per litre missing.

3.4 Interviews and repairs

Normal mechanical wear is the responsibility of VAN-IT.Alsace. All mechanical repairs resulting from either abnormal wear or negligence on the part of the Tenant will be the landlord's responsibility. In the event that the vehicle is damaged or immobilized, the Tenant has an obligation to prevent VAN-IT.Alsace within 24 hours. Repairs can only be made after written agreement and according to VAN-IT guidelines.Alsace. They must be paid. The same applies to the interior layout of the living area (refrigerator, heating, gas, water pump, etc.). In the event of an accident or serious mechanical problem, the Tenant is obliged to notify VAN-IT.Alsace immediately and return to its starting point at the time that will then be fixed to it by VAN-IT.Alsace depending on the severity of the accident or if not at least 24 hours before the originally scheduled return date, in order to allow VAN-IT.Alsace to make the necessary repairs before the arrival of the next customer.

Article 4 – Security deposit / Caution

The Tenant must leave a security deposit by credit card print on the day of departure. The amount of the security deposit for 2 and 4-seater vehicles is 2000 euros. The amount of the security deposit for 8 and 9-seater vehicles is 2500 euros.The deposit will be cancelled 10 days after the vehicle is returned under possible deduction from vehicle rehabilitation costs, housekeeping costs, full fuel delivery fees, application fees for tickets during the rental and other fees charged by VAN-IT.Alsace not regulated by the Tenant.

The deposit cannot be used under any circumstances for a rental extension.All costs incurred as a result of repairing damage, theft or accident for which the Tenant is liable will be directly deducted from the deposit.

In the event of serious fault of the tenant, the damages not taken by the insurance will be directly deducted from the deposit and the Tenant will then have to supplement the amount of repairs by any means if the amount of the costs is greater than the amount of the deposit. In the event of an accident or a collision with an accident report, the deposit will be kept until the receipt of the insurance mail indicating the liability or not of the Tenant. In the event of the Tenant's liability, the deposit will be retained in full by VAN-IT.Alsace. Otherwise, the security deposit will be returned to the Tenant net of any fees charged by VAN-IT.Alsace not regulated by the Tenant. In case of theft or fire the security deposit will be fully retained by VAN-IT.Alsace.

A "Reduced Caution" option can be taken out, reducing the security deposit to $500 at an additional cost of €9 per day. This option also reduces the amount of costs that could be incurred in the event of ice breakage. For example, in the event of an impact on the windshield, the Tenant is required to pay the cost of repairing or changing the windshield in full, according to an established estimate. With the "Reduced Caution" Option, the Tenant will only have to pay a lump sum of 150 euros for this type of incident.

Article 5 – Term and Lease Extension

The duration of the rental is the one mentioned in the rental agreement. The Tenant agrees to return the vehicle on the date and time agreed on the rental contract, or else, in case of delay being charged a penalty of 45 euros per hour and this for any time started.
If the Tenant wishes to extend his tenancy, he must make an express request to VAN-IT.Alsace, at least 72 hours before the end of the rental. If the extension is possible, the Tenant will have to confirm his request for an extension with the payment of the corresponding provision. In the event of an unauthorized extension, the Tenant will be charged the aforementioned late penalties and will no longer be entitled to the benefit of compulsory and supplementary insurance.

Article 6 – Insurance

6.1. General terms and Conditions

Vehicles and passengers are insured for a fee of 5 euros per day. The guarantee applies to the following risks: civil liability without limitation of amount in the event of an accident, up to 762,245 euros in case of fire or explosion, theft and fire, natural disasters, damage to all accidents to the vehicle, additional flat-rate protection of the driver and passengers. The vehicle is insured only for the duration of the rental stated on the rental agreement. After this period and unless the extension is accepted in writing by VAN-IT.Alsace, the tenant will be solely responsible for the damage caused and/or suffered by the vehicle.

6.2. Claim obligation

On pain of being stripped of the insurance, the tenant agrees to declare to VAN-IT.Alsace within 24 hours and to the police authorities any accident, theft or fire, even partial, send the report directly to the insurer within 72 hours of the accident, a copy of which will also be sent to VAN-IT.Alsace, mention in its statement the circumstances, date, place and time of the accident, the name and address of the witnesses, the number of the car of the third party engaged, the name of his insurance company and his insurance policy number, attach to this statement any police report, gendarmerie or bailiff's statement, if it has been established, do not discuss in any case the responsibility , or dealing with or dealing with third parties in relation to the accident. In case of theft, attempted theft and vandalism or fire, the Tenant must report it to the local police or gendarmerie and VAN-IT authorities.Alsace within 48 hours and will have to file a complaint. The Tenant will have to pass it on to VAN-IT.Alsace the original complaint and keep a copy. He will have to hand over to VAN-IT as soon as possible.Alsace all the documents of the vehicle and the keys.Failure to return the vehicle keys will automatically result in the forfeiture of the Flight Warranty and the billing of the entire value of the vehicle, expert fees and application fees.

In the event of non-compliance with these obligations, the Tenant would be held fully responsible, VAN-IT.Alsace reserving the right to sue him.

6.3. 24-hour support – 7J/7

It covers assistance to the vehicle and to persons transported in the event of a mechanical failure or accident. It pays for towing, transportation (continuing the journey or returning to the passenger's home) in case the vehicle is stopped for more than 4 days: first class train or economy class plane, taxi over a distance of 100 km, hotel costs – breakfast up to 80 euros per night (1 night in France and 3 nights maximum abroad).This assistance is valid in all countries contained in Article 3.1 of these terms and conditions. It operates 24 hours a day – 7 days a week. All assistance costs that may be incurred as a result of an incident of customer responsibility will be entirely borne by the customer. The cost of troubleshooting a battery discharged by the customer will be borne by the customer.

Any abandonment of the vehicle due to a mechanical failure, without a preliminary estimate of a garage establishing a stop of more than 4 days and without written agreement of VAN-IT.Alsace is totally outlawed. In the event of abandonment of the vehicle, all costs necessary for the repatriation of the vehicle will be charged to the Tenant as well as a lump sum of 100 euros per day, for each day beyond the rental, if the vehicle is not returned to the warehouse on time.

6.4. Exclusions from insurance

The following damage is not covered by the insurance and will have to be fully covered by the Tenant: any damage to the bottom of the body and top of the body resulting from a poor assessment of the size of the vehicle, tyres, car radio, electronic accessories (including GPS), ice breaks (windows, windshield and rearview mirror), damage to the interior of the vehicle, damage due to frost , and personal items or belongings. All costs incurred for this type of repair will be borne by the Tenant.
For tyres: the vehicle is supplied to the Tenant with tyres whose condition and number comply with the regulations in force. In the event of deterioration of any of them for any cause, the Tenant undertakes to stop immediately and completely replace the tire train with tyres of the same size, same type and same brand. In the event that the wear of a tyre is the responsibility of the Tenant, the owner undertakes to change the complete train of tyres, at his own expense, by tyres of the same size, same type and same brand. If necessary, the amount of the full train of tyres would be deducted from his deposit.

6.5. Forfeiture of guarantee

The Tenant will immediately lose the benefit of all insurance or guarantees in the event that he does not comply with a provision of Article 6 of these terms and conditions, in the context of a false statement in the tenancy agreement and/or amicable finding, attempted fraud, serious violation of the Traffic Act or any other tortious misconduct committed intentionally, in the context of a voluntary act, attempted suicide, or for any unlawful purpose.

Article 7 – Tenant's liability in case of injury/loss

The Tenant will be liable for any damage and costs incurred by VAN-IT.Alsace in case of loss, damage or theft of which the vehicle, its equipment or accessories could be subjected during the duration of the rental. The Tenant's liability includes the cost of repairs, loss of vehicle value, vehicle immobilization allowance, towing and storage costs of the vehicle, unless the damage is attributable to VAN-IT.Alsace or if it is established that this damage is attributable to a third party. In the event of a responsible accident in which the vehicle is severely damaged or immobilized for more than five days, VAN-IT.Alsace reserves the right to terminate the lease without refund or compensation for the remaining days of rental. Repair and deductible costs will remain due. In case of damage caused to the vehicle by the Tenant in the absence of identified third parties, the Tenant will have to compensate VAN-IT.Alsace up to the damage actually suffered (estimated amount by repair estimate, vehicle market value, capital costs, file costs, etc.) with a maximum equal to the amount of the deposit.
At the end of the rental, in case of damage or theft, the corresponding amount will be charged to the Tenant and taken directly from the deposit. If damage is done to the vehicle as a result of negligence by the Tenant or as a result of non-compliance with the general terms of the lease and if the amount of the damage to VAN-IT.Alsace is more than the amount of his deposit, an invoice of the difference will be addressed to the Tenant, payable immediately. 

Article 8 – Tolls, traffic tickets and traffic violations

The tenant is the sole debtor of fines for non-compliance with parking rules or traffic violations. VAN-IT.Alsace will provide the Tenant's contact information to the Police Court, which will then receive the ticket it must pay. In case of receipt of PV (minutes) by VAN-IT.Alsace, an administrative fee of 25 euros per ticket / fine will be charged to the Tenant.