Rental of Vans Aménagés in Alsace

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Discover our region!

To rent vans in Alsace in the heart of the three borders, go to our VAN-IT Alsace agency near Mulhouse and discover Germany, its nearby Black Forest or Switzerland by the Sundgau and jura.

Want to go in the sun to the beach or to the flat country?

Our vans are covered by all-risk insurance and you benefit from assistance in many European countries*. In addition, our packages include 300km per day which allows you a wide range of action. For your road trip to Spain or Portugal take advantage of our mid- and low-season fares to enjoy the sun and the mildness of the Iberian Peninsula at the best cost.

Our rates start at 60€ per day 😉

Travel is part of the holiday

Renting a campervan in Alsace offers maximum flexibility. Decide even at the last moment, as you see fit, your next destination, according to the desires, the mood or the weather. You will quickly become addicted to this travel format, synonymous with independence and adventure! You take what you need, to sleep, cook, eat and relax. The whole of Europe is at your fingertips! If you have children, they will be all the more looking forward to being able to travel to their home on wheels.

All the equipment you need is included

Renting a campervan has a major advantage. The campervans incorporate everything you need for a road trip and a holiday in camping mode. Our offer includes many amenities,such as dishes, outdoor chairs, kitchen utensils, as well as many options to arrive with your bag and leave.